Project BE-NATUR envisages implementation of the Joint Transnational Strategy for better management of "Natura 2000" sites through effective direct and indirect actions carried out by the partners to foster a tangible local and transnational impact. The partners will jointly finalise the list of direct and indirect pilot interventions for conservation of the habitat and species chosen as the focus of Joint Transnational Action Plans, discuss possible transnational synergies and exchange experience to ensure concrete implementation of actions in each partner area.
The following intervention types have been envisaged:

  • (direct) restoration and preservation of habitats listed in Attachment I of EEC Directive 92/43;
  • direct) preservation and reintroduction of animal or vegetal species listed in Attachment II of EEC Directive 92/43 and Attachment I of EU Directive 09/147
  • (direct) management plans in cases presenting a complete ecosystem with management deficiencies threatening the protected elements;
  • (indirect) drawing up of specific manuals for the conservation of habitat and species; specific monitoring actions; specific workshops on the conservation of habitat and species.