[03 Feb 2014] - Results of the habitat monitoring on the territory of the City of Cacak

Monitoring of the habitat 91E0 was conducted at three locations on the territory of the City of Cacak. Monitoring was conducted before the realization of pilot intervention and will be repeated after intervention.

Location 1 is in riparian zone of the West Morava River in suburban area of the city. Monitoring shown that micro-relief and other conditions are not homogenous, which leads to mosaic distribution of phytocenoses edificators, trees are individual or in smaller groups (3-5 trees). Endangerment of habitat is caused by invasive species (Fallopia, Robinia, Acer negundo) as well as human activities (traffic closeness, waste and fishing).

Location 2 is in riparian zone of the West Morava River in protected area Ovcar-Kablar gorge. On this location characteristic is ...

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[22 Jan 2014] - Information of International Waterbird Census IWC in Serbia 2014

IWC International Waterbird Census has existed since 1967. and nowadays includes more then 25 000 localities in more than 100 countries. Every Country beside national coordinator has network of associates that provides information of waterbird. IWC is one of the largest global monitoring program considering that in this program there are more then 15 000 volunteers.

In Serbia IWC has been implemented since 1982. but in previously period research mainly was focused on the Danube which is our the most important winter gathering place for waterbird. Since 2012. monitoring program has focused beside Danube at the other locations and categories of aquatic habitats. Up to now through IWC in Serbia has been recorded 90 waterbird species and it is estimated that around 40 000 individuals wintering. The most important locality is “Labudovo okno” on Danube with more then 46.000 birds. In recent years in this action are participated about 200 volunteers – counters. 

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[17 Jan 2014] - Final Conference at Lake Balaton

LBDCA organized together with Balaton Limnological Institute the Final Conference of Be-Natur project in Tihany on 16th January, 2014. The implemented conference was in accordance with the Management Plan and the direct intervention (restoration of habitat and species conservation). During the conference there were presentation about the National Biodiversity Strategy 2014-2020 and the Management Plans for Natura 2000 sites of Hungary by the representatives of Rural Development Ministry.

After the introduction of national planning, LBDCA gave a presentation about the achieved results of Be-Natur project and the experts of Hungarian Natural History Museum summarize the Management Plan of Tapolca Basin and the representatives of Balaton-Uplands National Park Directorate presented the implemented direct interventions concerning the habitat restoration of Balatonederics, Szigliget and the activities of species conservation (displaying bird nests).

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[08 Jan 2014] - Results of the joint cooperation between City of Cacak and Institute for nature conservation Serbia

Representatives from Institute for nature conservation of Serbia gave positive opinion on Joint transnational action plan for freshwater habitats and forests. Also Institute issued Decision of nature protection in protected area. This document is necessary for starting with pilot intervention in protected area. Good cooperation, between representatives from Institute for nature conservation of Serbia and City of Cacak, will continue during the 2014.


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[05 Nov 2013] - BE-Natur Partnership meeting and Local press conference

From October 23 to 25 in the City of Cacak was held partnership meeting between project partners PP9 (Timis County Council) and IPA FLP1 (City of Cacak). During this three days were held field visit and local press conference.

On October 23 meeting was held in the office of the City Administration for LED. At the first day of the meeting following topics were discussed: current state and achievement of the project Be-Natur, in particular work packages: WP2, WP4 and WP5; Joint Transnational Action Plan for freshwater habitat and forest; Natural protected area Surduc Lake, habitat 3130 and current methods of conservation; experiences in other projects with emphasis on the treats and pressure on different types of habitat; invasive species as one of the main pressure on the biodiversity etc. In the second part of the day, participants went on a field trip visiting protected area – Ovcar-Kablar gorge. Ovcar-Kablar gorge is situated between mountain massifs Ovcar and Kablar. Participants were presented main features of the gorge, biodiversity, habitats and threats of these habitats and cultural heritage. Participants also visited one of ten monasteries in the gorge.

The second day (October 24) started with meeting which were attended by the following participants: representatives from Timis County Council, representatives from Institute for Nature Conservation of Serbia, representatives from Public Institution “Turistic organization Cacak” and leadership of the City of Cacak. The topics of the meeting were Natura 2000 network and protected areas with emphasis on protected ...

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