Facing the loss of biodiversity, both in terms of habitat and of species, with potential internationally important consequences is one of the most important and demanding challenges. It is essential to maintain and strengthen ecosystems, giving them the necessary space to react in a flexible way to climate changes and to the effects of human activities. The Habitats and Birds Directives are part of a strong legal basis for the protection of the environment and provide the basic tools for preservation of the Natural Heritage of the European Union. South-East European countries have different levels of implementation for said Directives and have huge gaps in the management of "Natura 2000" sites. BE-NATUR aims at improving the management and organisation of those sites, with particular focus on wet areas (rivers, lakes, coastal areas), in view of actually implementing the EU legal framework in this regard.
Duration: 01/02/2011 - 31/01/2014
Budget: euro 2.544.900,00

Protect biodiversity

Long lasting preservation

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